Friday, December 17, 2004

What it Dew Doe?

What's up y'all. This my first foray into blogdom. My man Serg up over at that hipped me to this some weeks ago and I quickly realized that I was very behind in this internet game. Shit, I was still up on message boards and shit. How 2003 is that?

Shit fools, in a couple weeks it'll be 2005, a self-proclaimed banner year for Houston rap music. In 2004, the seeds planted 15 years ago were finally fertilized, and we're expecting a hellafied harvest season. Swishahouse, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon and Rap A Lot all have major deals now. Screwed Up Click is truly clicking up and touring together with rumors of a group release sometime next year. Young cats like the G.R.i.T. Boys and Playboy Click are sparking fires all over the jernt and fact of the matter is, this year we either make it or break it.

Houston laid the foundation for southern rap in general with the Geto Boys sure, but folks like DJ Screw, Fat Pat (Both we pray are truly Resting in Peace even though we are sure they have turned in their dadgum graves at least once or twice watching this shit come around), Tony Draper, the folks at Southwest Wholesale who really gave a damn, DJ Chill, Michael Watts and a gang of others helped to build the whole house that really took over the game in the past few years. (There's way more folks than that and you'll learn of them all over time so don't start crying goofballs).

You might not know that because for so long we have been overshadowed by Atlanta. They got the music biz down pat out there. But here, we have our own type of biz. It's so street that many from the outside don't even want to fuck with it. I can't explain it all here, but shit, since 1995 we been having independents with straight indie distribution selling up to 100,000 units (don't trip - Lil Flips first album was a double, as all of his have been). Motherfuckers out here be killin' em on the independent side of things. Our indie rap doesn't get write ups in Spin and Blender. Our indie rap doesn't even get respect in the rap mags. We are so far off the radar, but somehow blow up so big right here in our own nation sized Republic of Texas.

Respect that.

I got music coming, just need to get my server space squared away, my webguy doesn't get up till 1 p.m. Till then, keep tippin'.